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RPM logo Rotating assembly

Ford 351 W to a 393 Small Block
Stroker Kit - Rotating Assembly

Kit Information:

1- Factory 351W or aftermarket small block can be used.

2-All components in kit are rated for 500 horse power or more.

3-This kit is available as priced with just the crank, rods, pistons

4- In the shopping cart you can add bearings, rings and balancing

5- In the shopping cart you have many upgrades to choose from.

At RPM Machine we are pleased to be able to offer you the ability to customize your Stroker Kit right online without the hassle of contacting customer service.

The following options are available to you in the shopping cart:

  1. Upgrade or change the pistons that come in the kit to a forged piston designed for your engine application. We carry TRW, KB, Probe, Je, SRP Mahle, Diamond, Wiseco and more!
  2. You can add rod bearings, main bearings and piston rings. Rod bearings are Clevite 77 P series bearings in all 500 HP 9000 series kits and H series bearings in all 750HP 4340 steel kits.
  3. You also have the option of having your Stroker Kit balance prior to shipping. All external balanced rotating assemblies will include a new damper and flex plate with the balance work. If your assembly is only externally balanced on one end or the other the kit will only contain the external component needed for balancing the assembly.
351W to a 393 Stroker Kit for combinations
up to 500 HP
3.850 Stroke Crankshaft,
Series 9000 Cast
Crank # Rod # Piston
Bore Size
Comp. Ratio Kit # Price Purchase
58cc 64cc 70cc
9000 Series
I Beam
Flat Top
4.030 12.8 12.1 11.5 1-94205-1 $949 Purchase here
Crank # Rod # Piston
Bore Size Comp. Ratio Kit # Price  Purchase
58cc 64cc 70cc
9000 Series
I Beam
Dish Top
4.030 9.3 8.9 8.5 1-94255-1 $1137 Purchase here


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call
Performance Auto Parts at 877-354-3812

Depending on what your Horse Power needs are we can make substitutions from the following manufacturers.

ARP Childs & Albert Federal Mogul
Keith Black
Eagle logo
GM Performance


Most Kits Supplied with Hypereutectic Pistons please note compression ratio changes when upgrading pistons.

The Following information will help answer most questions you may have.



RPM offers four distinct types of crankshafts—Cast, 4130/5140 Forged with Nitriding, and the SAE 4340 Forged with Nitriding and Billet Steel which is our top of the line.

4340 Steel:
SAE Certified 4340 forged material is used for superior strength and its proven performance in the aircraft and aerospace industries. For increased strength these cranks are given a second heat treatment after rough finishing and then nitride hardened eliminating any deformation after leaving the factory. These crankshafts are rated for 750+ horse power and designed for all naturally aspirated street strip applications and moderate forced induction and nitrous applications.

4130, 4142, 5140 Steel:
RPM cranks are perfect for the racer who wants a forged unit without the price of a full race crank. These crankshafts are made from SAE Certified 4130, 4142, or 5140 materials and are nitride hardened for superior strength for the most popular street/strip applications. This crank is for the 500-600 HP Street Engine that will turn higher rpms on a constant basis.

Nodular Iron 80-60-06 Cast Steel
RPM cast crankshafts are designed as a better than stock nodular iron OE replacement for domestic applications. Strong castings and a large selection of stroke and rod combinations make these cranks ideal for the street/strip racer. These cranks are Rated for up to 500Hp applications.
We carry this line of cranks in Scat, Eagle, Cat Power, RPM as well as others,

Connecting Rods:

I-Beam connecting rodStock Replacement I-Beam Connecting Rod
5140 Forged material with machined beams for MAXX strength
30-40% stronger than stock
ARP 8740 thru-bolts Rated for up to 500 HP

Cap screws4340 forged material for added strength
Extra reinforcement for big end stability
Double ribbed cap design for bearing stability
I-Beam design for light weight, high rpm use
Standard ARP 8740 Cap Screws
ARP 2000 Cap Screws standard w/select models
Available in Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight
Available for domestic & sport compact applications
Rated For up to 600 HP

h-beam rodH-Beam design for proven strength
Standard ARP 8740 Cap Screws
ARP 2000 Cap Screws standard w/select models
Rated for 750+ HP

Piston Types:


Hypereutectic pistons are used in some original equipment engines. They are favored because of reduced scuffing, improved power, fuel economy and emissions.

Hypereutectic 390 refers to a unique aluminum piston alloy that contains dissolved and free silicon. The material can be T6 heat treated to high strength and stiffness. Non-heat treated 390 hypereutectic alloy aluminum has slightly less strength than conventionally cast F-132 aluminum. With this in mind, we caution the reader about the use of non-T6 heat treated O.E. design hypereutectic pistons for high performance. Silvolite and others do make replacement-type hypereutectic pistons that are worthwhile for stock replacement applications. Original equipment design is almost never suitable for performance applications.

The KB line of hypereutectic pistons we carry are designed around the 390 alloy. The result is a high performance part intended to give the performance engine builder access to the latest in piston technology. Forgings have long been the mainstay of the performance business and did well in the big cubic inch engines of the 60’s. Now, with focus on peak cylinder pressure timing, ring sealing dynamics, cylinder air tumble and swirl, combustion chamber science, and extended RPM ranges, we need to consider some new piston options.

The KB T6 hypereutectics are considerably different than the forgings. The KB pistons have shown improvement in power, fuel economy, cylinder sealing, service life, and cost effectiveness. The reduced thermal expansion rate allows the piston to be run with reduced clearance. A tight piston is less likely to rock, make noise, and burn oil. A rocking piston wears rings and increases blow-bye. The close fit of the KB piston allows the piston rings to truly seal, minimizing blow-by

Premium Forged 2618 Aluminum Alloy:

  • Dome and dishes feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel
  • CNC machined side relief with lower support band, provides optimal strength for extreme horse power applications!!
  • CNC diamond turned skirts with reduced cylinder contact profiles provides less friction for increased horsepower
  • Forced pin oilers for increased wrist pin lubrication
  • Pin fitting, pin oilers, and wire locks included
  • Rated for 750+ HP Applications
  • Application specific designs for forced induction and or nitrous applications

Forged 4032 Aluminum Alloy:

  • Forged from 4032 low expansion high silicon alloy heat treated and designed for street strip applications.
  • Ring land and crown thickness and be specifically engineered for Turbo, Supercharged, Street, Strip and Nitrous applications.
  • Forced Pin Oilers for increased wrist pin lubrication.
  • Wrist Pin Included may need to be upgraded for nitrous or forced induction applications.
  • CNC Machined Ring Grooves Accept 1/16x1/16x3/16 Rings
  • Rated for up to the 600 + HP Area depending on the specific engineering of the piston
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